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Photography Spot: The Unity Statue

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

East Street, Chichester, West Sussex, England

About this spot:

The Covid pandemic isn't even over, and we already have a brilliant reminder of how much our NHS heroes had to go through during these difficult times. The statue located in the heart of Chichester was made by local artist John Gillespie, a stainless steel fabricator from Singleton, who named the piece 'Unity'.

The sculpture depicts a nurse sitting on a bench with a two-meter space for social distancing and is made with keys with the job titles of key workers engraved into them.

The bench has a special plaque stating: "Come and rest awhile with me, seek your role or simply be. While we stayed at home, when we felt scared, you risked your lives for us, you cared. A superhero you may not be, but that's what we, the nation, see".

What & where to shoot:

The statue is located on one of the busiest streets in Chichester, and as such, it's essential to choose the right timing for your photoshoot depending on what kind of photo you are planning to capture. If you are interested in street photography, head to the statue any time between 9-5 and enjoy the mix of exciting subjects interacting with the statue. If you want less busy cityscape photos, we recommend choosing sunset/sunrise when the whole city centre gets quieter.

When it comes to composition, we recommend you walk around the statue, sit on its bench, and snap a few photos from each position. You will find out that you can use the bench texture for a lovely leading line or the west's setting sun as a glowing warning background.

Your kit for this photoshoot will only require a simple camera setup with a standard lens. If you wish, you can also pack a wide lens to create additional compositions and bring your tripod for low light captures.

How to get there:

The statue is located in front of the M&S store on East Street in the centre of Chichester - only 2 minutes walk from the Chichester Cross and the Chichester Cathedral.

Chichester is a busy city with a frequent bus and train connection with the nearest bus stop located in West Street (5 minutes walk) and the Chichester Train station on Stockbridge Road (10 minutes walk).

If you are arriving by car, the nearest car park is the Little London car park (2 minutes walk) or the more extensive Cattle Market car park (5 minutes walk).


  • Wide Angle Lens

  • Normal (Standard) Lens

  • Portrait Lens

  • Tripod


  • Street Photography

  • Cityscape

  • Portrait/Model

  • Landmark

  • Architecture

Conditions For The Visit:

  • All Weather

When To Go:

  • All Year Round

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